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3 Portland Shops That Sell Hand and Hide Goods

August 03, 2018

We get a lot of visitors to our studio looking for a brand new leather wallet or a last-second gift. Sadly, due to our commitment to “made-to-order” small production, we often have to turn people away empty handed because we simply do not have the goods on location. But just because we don't have it does not mean you can't find it close by. Last second shoppers and those desperate to replace a broken wallet can breathe a sigh of relief! Hand and Hide goods are currently stocked at three different stores in Portland, with multiple locations. So if you need our leather goods today, then check out one (or all!) of our three amazing stockists right here in Portland, OR.

Number One: Made Here PDX

Shop Hand and Hide Goods at MadeHere PDX

Just opening their fourth store in August 2018, Made Here PDX has been making it easy for guests and locals alike to cut through the touristy garbage and get straight to the authentic local goods that really exemplify Portland’s vibe and values. Walking into their shops is like walking into a cultured collection of the finest handmade goods. Made Here prides themselves on the breadth and width of their selection featuring only the best handmade goods. Shop goods from makers like Dehen, The Bitter Housewife, Jacobson Salt Co and yours truly - just to name a few. Check out their website to see more brands and get directions for your visit. 

Number 2: Boy’s Fort.

Hand and Hide Leather Goods sold at Boy's Fort
This quirky retailer sells eclectic items they know everyone, not just the boys, will love. It’s a tightly curated selection of handmade, local and vintage goods from around the US. You’ll walk out feeling confident that you can decorate your den, fun room or fort from just their selection. You'll feel like you taken a step into the past with aesthetics from the 50's, 60's and modern day. Take a look at the Boy's Fort website to learn a little more about owners Jake and Rolf (who are almost always there to greet you!) and plan your experience. 

Number 3: Tender Loving Empire (TLE)

Shop Locally Made Leather Goods by Hand and Hide at TLE

With several locations around town, including one in the airport, it’s not hard to find a little love and fun wherever you are in Portland. TLE had the creative and inspired idea to combine a shop of local made goods with a… record label. This is literally the only place in Portland you can browse tons of eclectic music from local and national bands while picking up locally made soaps and goods from artists and makers based right here. You can take a look at their website to learn more here.

We are proud and happy to be included these curated selections of Portland’s goods and we know you fall in love with a ton of the other makers they feature as well. These shops are an excellent resource for leather goods and last minute gifts so give them a shot if you need something now. However, if you have a couple of weeks to wait before you need your goods then swing by our studio, pick out your leather in person and take advantage of all our customization options. Leather phone wallets are currently not stocked in our partner stores. These can only be ordered online or in person at our studio and are made to order only. 

Happy shopping! 

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