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New Engraving Designs

July 19, 2016 2 Comments

We have been wanting to introduce new engraving designs for quite some time, and we finally did it!

So now there are 4 categories to choose from when ordering. We left room for growth in some categories, so that is why there are some missing numbers. When ordering you will need to select the category of your design, and then its number (they are no longer identified by names in the menu). Here are all the engravings listed below by category - what design would you pick for your next phone wallet or tablet case?

Our miscellaneous engraving category is a random selection of some of our favorite things like the bicycles and Tardis Box to original customer requests such as #4. 

Our Geometric phone wallet engravings look so good when engraved into our leather. Jeff Amrhein, owner and CEO, for instance has Geo #4 engraved onto his English Tan phone case. It looks spectacular. These geometric designs range from nerdy, Escher like designs to Aztec inspired patterns.  

Our Flora collection is where you get your flower fix. Choose from our Portland Northwest inspired designs like ferns, our best-selling Poppy engraving and more for your next nature loving phone case design. 

And finally, if the Animal Kingdom is what you are all about then you may be tempted to add one of our intricate animal engravings onto your next phone case or onto our other Hand & Hide leather goods. 

We hope you like the new variety! Here are a couple examples of what these engravings will look like when they come to live onto our leather gear. The first image is a close-up look at Flora #2: Engraved onto a beautiful Merlot died leather phone wallet, this floral arrangement reminds us of the disorderly beauty you might see in nature on a PNW hike or meadow picnic. Hand and Hide Leather Phone Wallet with floral engraving

This next photo is of one of our tote bags. We constructed this tote from olive brown full grain, vegg-tanned leather and copper rivets. Perfect for travel, beach visits and farmer's markets this bag was requested to be made with our Fauna #1 engraving - an Elephant with Indian Paisley detailing. It's gorgeous, see for yourself: 

Hand and Hide Leather Tote Bag with Elephant Engraving

2 Responses

Maggie Checho
Maggie Checho

August 07, 2016

Jeff’s products are the real deal. He designed my camel phone covers for me and they came out beautiful. I will always go first to Hand and Hide.

Bruce Clisdell
Bruce Clisdell

August 05, 2016

Geoff, leaving the designs to one side, I will not buy a Samsung Note 7 until you can make me a cover/wallet as per my Galaxy 6 Edge +. The Note may be the same size as the Galaxy 7, however, I think it is a bit bigger. If you check your records for me you can expect the next cover to be Bruce’s 3rd Indulgence. Reply at your convenience. Cheers, Bruce

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