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New Phone Wallet Colors

New Phone Wallet Colors

January 27, 2017 1 Comment

I have exciting news for you, we are changing our colors this year! We are switching to a different kind of dye that has more vibrant color and should be more resistant to water spots. Our range of browns is very similar, so we kept the same names, but be aware it is a different dye so while the hues are very similar they are not identical our previous colors. 

Above, from left to right this is Berry, Merlot (similar to our old Eggplant), and Turquoise. Shown below, there is Jade and Navy Blue.

We are excited about our new colors, while change is always difficult and takes a little adjusting we think this change will improve the quality and durability of our cases, which is always our top priority. It is great to be able to offer you a new selection of colors to choose from, and I hope you find a favorite.

We are adding more choices to our wallet colors as well. No colors are going away, but we have changed sourcing, so again each hue may be slightly different than it was before. With more colors to choose from there are more possibilities for color combinations.  We have been making our plans for the year ahead, and hope it will be a great year for making our products better, and improving our service to you. 



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Sean Fantone
Sean Fantone

February 24, 2017

Hi Jeff, When the new Galaxy 8s comes out in April, can you make Mr another great case for it?
Thanks, Sean.

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