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New Phone Wallet Filter!

April 12, 2017

New Phone Wallet Filter!

Ever been frustrated trying to find something online and you just can’t seem to find the path? Well, we’ve been there too and we understand how annoying it can be to navigate a twisty, turny website. That is why we have been working so hard to make our navigation a whole lot easier!

Part of the issue we have faced in the past was the sheer amount of leather phone wallets on our website. We literally have hundreds of phone cases to choose from since we make phone wallets for all of the big smartphone makers. But as a customer looking one specific case, say a phone case for the LG G6 - then you may have had to sift through pages and pages of phone cases before you found the one you were looking for.

That is something we have been able to rectify with our new phone case filter. By simply selecting your phone case manufacturer and device name you can now see the 2-3 case options we have for your phone and choose from those in a hassle free process. Watch the video we made below to see how to get the most out of our new phone case search:

Our customization options for the leather phone wallets are also much easier to add on as well. Before, you probably had to go hunting around to add on the extra card slots, engravings and other extras you wanted, but now by simply selecting the Custom phone wallet for your phone type you will see all of those same options you used to have to hunt down right there as drop-down menus on the product.

Go ahead and checkout our new phone selector. A faster, easier way to shop for your next leather phone case.

Be sure to give us feedback after you use the navigation, we can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Have questions about our new search and product layout? Give Hand & Hide a call at 503.255.1172 to learn more and speak to our super friendly staff.

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