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New Product: Handmade Leather Catch All

June 13, 2017 1 Comment

Hand and Hide New Product Intro Leather Catch All

We tried our hands at a new design fairly recently and made a quaint leather catch-all with a gorgeous eyelet pattern. Of course, we did some IRL testing afterwards so you can see how this new Hand and Hide design can beautify your spaces. We tried using it for a few different purposes and these are our top 5 uses for our new leather design.

Top 5 Uses for the Air Plant Holder

Hand and Hide Leather Airplant Holder  Air Plant Holder

Use this delicate leather catch-all to hang your even more delicate air plants in windows, on patios or on a bookshelf or mantelpiece. If you hang it in a window it will cast some very pretty shadows on the wall as the sun shines through it.

    Hand and Hide Leather Catch All
    Makeup Brush Holder

    Another practical use for this starry leather design is as a makeup brush holder. Not only does it hold quite a few of them but it also looks great along with all your other attractive beauty essentials and adds a pop of color to your beautification station.

    Hand and Hide Leather Business Card Holder

    Pens/Business Card Holder

    At the office, you can organize your pens and pencils or all those business cards people keep handing you. Personally, I think it is a nice touch to put your own business cards in this quaint catch-all. Especially for artsier spaces like restaurants, salons, design studios, bookstores, etc.

      Hand and Hide Leather Votive Holder
      Candle Holder

      Possibly my favorite use for the Airplant Holder is actually as a candle holder. Whether you prefer votive or tea lights this little design is a great container for your candles from first light to puddle. The eyelet cutouts cast an attractive pattern onto any surface when you have a candle lit inside.

        Hand and Hide Leather Catch All
        Catch All

        Lastly, use it as a lovely catch-all. Set it on your welcoming table and toss your sunglasses, keys, coins and lint into it when you walk in the door.


          Customize Any Item

          The Hand and Hide Air Plant Holder is currently available in all of our 9 colors and you can even request that it be stitched in white thread, rather than black. Grab it today, our early promotional price is ending soon!

          Have a custom leather order for Hand and Hide? We can dye leather in several colors and as you can see on our Air Plant Holder our laser cutter can create whatever pattern and design you can imagine. Give our friendly staff a call at 503.255.1172 or email us at

          1 Response

          John Trickler
          John Trickler

          June 22, 2018

          I have recently purchased a five slit name engraved, embossed walnut leather wallet case from hand and hide. I think this is one of my smartest purchases in years. This wallet is hand crafted in a very professional manner with high grade leather. I must admit I show this great case off every chance I get. I didn’t know I had such an ego. Strangers and friends are constantly asking me where I got this splendid phone case. The extra leather strap to sit the phone upright when I read is invaluable. I highly reccommend this product and hope to do more bussiness with this great company in the near future. Thank you.

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