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New Smartphone for Christmas? Get a Phone Case

New Smartphone for Christmas? Get a Phone Case

December 26, 2018

The gifts have been given, the eggnog is gone (thank god) and everyone can finally agree that Christmas music has officially outsleighed it’s welcome. Say hello to the dead week before New Year’s everyone! Hopefully, you have a day or two off to recover from the holiday madness and even enjoy your new gifts a little. And for those of you who were lucky enough to receive a new smartphone, tablet or e-reader, we have the perfect distraction to keep you sane as you listen to your kids crash their new drone over and over again. Shop for a new phone or tablet case from our leather collection.

Hand and Hide Custom Leather Phone Cases

The most popular smartphones of 2018 were probably the new iPhone Xs and Xrs, the Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy and Note 9s. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Huawei Mate 20 Pro snuck into a lot of people’s stockings as well. If that is you, then take a look at our Classic leather phone wallet which is the best phone case solution for your new phone. We use only full-grain leather, imported from Italy. Each case is stitched by hand ensuring years and years of durable use. On top of that, leather lends a classy and timeless feel to your everyday carry. Each case can be customized with a free inscription and/or a personal engraving. Or maybe you got a second phone for Christmas and you are wondering how you are going to efficiently balance your work and personal phone life, we have a double phone case solution for that too which you can view here.

Hand and Hide Custom Leather iPad 11 Case

For proud owners of a brand new iPad or Kindle or even the new reMarkable tablet, we also create timeless tablet covers and mini e-reader sleeves with pockets. These full-size tablet cases are made from the same high-quality leather and hand-stitching we make our phone cases with. Each case also includes a full-length pocket for handwritten notes etc. Larger tablet cases also include a second pocket for your convenience. Your tablet will be secured in the case with our hand-molded, leather holders. A stylus sleeve is a popular add-on for our tablet customers who like to store their Apple Pencil or other styli with their tablet. Tablet cases can also be customized with engravings and free inscriptions. Shop tablet cases here

All of our goods are made to order and take up to two weeks to ship so order as soon as possible to ensure your new devices are protected. We know that is a long time these days but trust us, our goods are worth the wait. Take a look at our leather goods and let us know how we can customize the perfect piece for your new gear.

Happy New Year,

your Hand and Hide team.

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